Newly Appointed Manager – Poole


Monday 23rd & Tuesday 24th April

09:30am – 16:30pm




This is a highly interactive two-day programme focusing on real life insights and practical everyday business examples. The programme will build confidence and skill for first time managers. As part of the programme we also use the motivational mapping diagnostic tool to increase personal self-awareness and understand why a person may gravitate to a certain management style.

Day one focuses on 4 key management and leadership behaviours that will enhance your ability to lead and manage individuals and teams. The course explores the core competencies of management, examining emotional intelligence techniques to build self-awareness and credibly, the art of setting direction, performance management and how to have open, honest and productive conversations with both individuals and the team using the SPEAR model.

Day two focuses on how managers manage and develop others. This second part of the programme unlocks the secrets of what makes great teams great, looks at strategies on how to lead change in the workplace and emphasises why the ability to be able to engage and understand others is a key skill for managers in today’s business reality.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Identify, relate to, and put into practice the characteristics of highly effective managers.
  • Understand own motivations and how they relate to determining others expectations
  • Plan, prioritise and delegate effectively.
  • Understand how to manage performance to get the very best from your people.
  • Recognise the need for change in today’s business reality and be able to manage change.
  • Engaging and understand others using a range of techniques.

Pre course activity:

This work has been specifically designed to help you prepare for the course so you will achieve maximum learning from the training. The assignments for this module should take you no more than 60 minutes to complete.

  • Bring your personal objectives
  • Consider what activities or people steal your time at work and prevent you from focusing on your main and most important responsibilities.
  • Consider a conflict or difficult situation you want to resolve or feel you may struggle to resolve
  • Meet with your manager to agree objectives for the course
  • Motivational Map survey

Day One

The Characteristics of Highly Effective Managers

  • Identifying the qualities associated with a highly effective manager
  • What do managers do? – the four broad areas of management
  • The self-aware leader – tips and techniques that underpin credibility
  • Core management actions – where the manager needs to concentrate their efforts in order to run an engaged and motivated team

Managing Performance – Getting the Best from Your People All Day, Every Day

  • Honest conversation – how to have open and honest conversations that give performance momentum using the SPEAR model
  • Best practice in planning, monitoring and reviewing – writing SMART objectives, carrying out informal monitoring
  • Setting behavioural objectives
  • A framework for an effective appraisal meeting

Day Two

Managing Change – How to Manage Change in the Workplace

  • Managing change
  • Why we need to change
  • The five stages in managing successful change


  • What motivates you and your teams at work?
  •  What it means to motivate in today’s business environment
  • Coaching – one of the most important skills for a manager

The Key Skills of Brilliant Time Managers

  • Planning – the importance of goals
  • Prioritising – a time management challenge (activity)
  • How well do I delegate? – the principles of successful delegation

Managing the Team

  • How to get the best out of the team
  • Performance clinic – tips and guidance for overcoming current challenges in the workplace

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