Training. Empowerment. Action. Mindset.

Our performance depends on the right direction, the appropriate skills and massive amounts of motivation.

Our ability to function effectively with others in a team is down to a number of factors, which include personality traits, attitudes, behaviours and preferred roles.

Motivation is the pivotal factor that determines the quality, quantity and urgency of action taken.

For individuals and teams to grow and thrive they need to be aware of each other’s motivational profile and be able to fuel the motivators of other team members. Motivational Maps reveals each person’s key motivators, and their level of motivation. The report gives actionable advice on how to increase motivation where it matters.


Benefit of using Motivational Maps:

  • Enhanced self-awareness, to increased motivation and performance
  • Improved engagement and productivity
  • Better career and recruitment choices and selections
  • Better team work and greater productivity
  • Superior leadership skills

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More Info.

Kate is a talented  Sales Trainer. Kate has been instrumental in our launch into the US Market with a new Sales division this year. She is results-oriented, a team player and very knowledgeable.  She knows how to work with and help in building a medical device sales division. I would highly endorse Kate and say we are lucky to have her!


Sales Director, BTG

Kate is first and foremost a professional with high standards and a passion for her work. She is an adaptive, thorough, multitasking person who has the ability to work well as a self-managing individual or to influence others as required. Enjoys excellent interactions with both external and internal customers up to CEO / MD Level and is familiar with the need to meet all targets set, in order to provide an excellent customer service. Kate is all of the above and at the same time fun to work with and have in your work group


Sales Manager, Terumo

Kate is a seasoned training professional with extensive expertise in succession planning and team development. I value Kate’s fresh perspective, thought leadership, and process orientation. I will use Kate again and I would recommend her to others.


Operations Director, Medisan

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